Food Not Bombs Food Share + Really Free Market


Huntsville Food Not Bombs is an all-volunteer organization that provides warm meals to anyone free of charge. Through donations and the recovery of food that would otherwise go to waste we are able to serve meals to those who might otherwise go hungry.

Join us for the first new food share by Huntsville Food Not Bombs on Saturday, October 26th at 1pm in Big Spring Park, in downtown Huntsville. All are welcome. For the sake of inclusion, food justice, health, expense, and peace, everything we serve is completely free of animal products. If anyone would like to help us serve food, please just let us know– we’d like to eat too!

If you’d like to volunteer time or ingredients for food prep, we’re meeting early Saturday morning at Alex and Natalia’s house in Madison. Cleanup help after the food share is also very much appreciated.

Just prior to when we serve food, we invite everyone to take part in a Really Free Market. That’s where you bring all the stuff you might otherwise sell or donate and bring it to freely share with anyone who might need or want it (and of course everyone is free to take anything themselves). We’re setting out a tarp at 12:45.

The Really Free Market is a place where people come together to take what they want and give what they can. There is no money, trade, barter, or remuneration of any kind. What can you bring? Anything you’d like to give. From clothes that no longer fit to books, stories, crafts, services, performances, music, a skill you’d like to share, or anything else that you think would benefit the community.

Don’t have anything to give away? Don’t worry; no exchange is necessary to participate. Please come out and take anything you like. It’s FREE!


More info on the official Food Not Bombs site:

Huntsville FNB contacts:
Organizer Mike: (256) 585-5946


note: We do not use any tax money or grants to fund our activities, although we gladly accept voluntary contributions. Thanks everyone!


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