About Us

Green U Huntsville Vegans 2013

Huntsville Vegans was formed in the summer of 2011. We meet regularly to socialize, collaborate, and make the world a better place for all creatures. We are working to develop our group into a force for good in the Huntsville area by promoting ethical consumption and asserting the presence and consideration of Vegans and Veganism in our city. Animal exploitation happens every day, and not just on the way to your neighbor’s plate.

Our Purpose:

  • Meet like-minded people, share food, and have fun
  • Provide educational resources about ethical consumption, plant–based nutrition, and vegan outreach for our community
  • Provide information, friendship, and support for new or prospective vegans
  • Attract and promote veg*n businesses and organizations in Huntsville
  • Find opportunities to actively change our community, and the world at large, for the better
  • Partner with Food Not Bombs, local community gardens, or provide a vegan/group presence with local secular aid organizations to help human animals
  • Secure and sponsor guest speakers and special events
  • Stop some killing. Or torturing. Or exploiting. For human or non-human, our ultimate aim as individuals and as a group is to end suffering, to bring an end to exploitation of all kinds. Whatever our group does now and in the future will reflect this.

Huntsville Vegans currently meets every Friday evening at six pm at alternating coffee shops in Huntsville. Please email us or add us on facebook to stay informed about our upcoming events and outreach efforts.