Viewing Party Tonight! Inside: Secret America – Mercy For Animals Expose on Ag-Gag

Tonight, Wednesday July 31st, friends of Huntsville Vegan and Animal Rights League will get together to share food and watch an episode of the series Inside: Secret America on the Discovery Channel. Two journalists go undercover with Mercy For Animals investigators into farms and expose Ag-gag laws and how activists have been muzzled.

Have a read, from MFA’s blog:

And from Discovery Channel:

We’re meeting at Jamie’s house in Madison [317 Harvestwood Court, Madison AL 35758] at 8:30 (come earlier to hang out if you like), the program starts at nine pm. If you like, please bring food to share (not a requirement of course)!

Street View:

If you have any questions, please call or text message Organizer Mike at (256) 585-5946 or message HSV Vegan/AR League or Michael Anthony Cross on facebook.


Building a No Kill Community Free Workshop

Check out this amazing event hosted by many of our local animal rescue organizations! 

From their website: “No Kill Huntsville is a coalition of local animal welfare advocates and rescuers working together to help bring reform to our region toward helping Huntsville become the first No Kill Community in our state. 

No Kill Huntsville is a coalition of local animal welfare advocates and rescuers. The following nonprofits are affiliated with our web site: A New Leash on Life, Challenger’s House, Dixie Dachshund Rescue, Forgotten Felines, the North Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic and The ark.”




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Visit the No Kill Huntsville website for more resources and information





Huntsville Vegans 2 Year Anniversary Potluck!


Huntsville Vegan and Animal Rights League is having its July potluck at Jason’s apartment community in Madison [the 18 Watercress Green complex at 1 Old Fairway Road, Huntsville, AL 35806]! Bring a dish or two, no particular theme– whatever you think would be enjoyable. Huntsville Vegan and Animal Rights League has been in existence for 2 years now and we’re super-happy to have made so many amazing friends. =) 

Bring your swimsuit!! The potluck will be in the “Cyber Café” party room connected to the apartment office & pool at the roundabout before the gates. Look for signs on the doors. If you see exercise equipment, you are close–it’s in the building next door.

NOTE: Please prepare your food before coming to the potluck! If you need to heat up dishes, that’s totally cool. But *please* do your cooking (or as much as you can) before coming out. Thanks everyone!

Street View:

If you’ve never been to a potluck, here’s a page with some potluck etiquette (by the wonderful vegan chef Isa Chandra): 

Basically, 1) bring some food! 2) If you’re not sure about something, ask the organizers/hosts. 3) Be nice to whoever opens their home for the potluck, the public area that we’re using (clean up!), and the people around us, and 4) HAVE FUN.

PLEASE invite your friends. Help us promote this event! All of our potlucks have been wonderful, and though this one is coming up soon, I think it’ll be a good one as usual.

Recipe inspiration:

Whatever anyone brings will be appreciated. If you are tired/poor/busy/etc. It’ll be okay if you come without bringing something, but it’s not a potluck if no one brings food! So we strongly urge you to bring a dish. If you’re not sure how much to bring, imagine that you’re making food to feed a dish to eight friends. If you bring more, that’s wonderful, but this should be a good guideline. Ready-made vegan food is available from Earth Fare and is always welcome if you run out of time to cook. Look for the part of the tag that says “Vegan” in the deli section, bakery, and on the hot bar. When terribly in doubt, fruit is always welcome and appreciated and beautiful.

We’d prefer everyone to come at four, but if you can’t make it ’til five, so be it. Six? We’ll still be hanging out being awesome. If you can just stop by, meet everyone, see if there’s some food left (and hopefully there will be plenty) and run away, well, we’ll be happy to have met you.

Please bring your recipe or an ingredient list with your dish. We’ll have utensils and other items handy just in case.

Bring a musical instrument and we’ll have a rhythm jam (we mean it)! Organizer Mike and others will bring guitars and other instruments. please get it in on the jam We’ll bring a turkish hand-drum. Bring some others! Dogs (or any other non-human animal) are welcome, kids are welcome.

If you have any questions about the potluck, or want to bring something but don’t know the first thing about vegan cooking, please message us on facebook or email us at We look forward to meeting all of you!