September Potluck: Jewish Cuisine

On Sunday September 23rd Huntsville Vegans will have its September potluck (theme: Jewish Cuisine!) at Creekwood Park in Madison off Slaughter Road [360 Harvestwood Court, 35758]! When we scheduled this potluck we were on the lookout for a theme, and when we noticed that this one is just a week after the 2012 calendar date for the Jewish new year (Rosh Hashanah) we knew we had one.

Map: (

Basic Potluck FAQ 
If you’ve never been to a potluck, here’s a page with some potluck etiquette (by the wonderful vegan chef Isa Chandra):

Basically, 1) bring some food! 2) If you’re not sure about something, ask the organizers/hosts. 3) Be nice to whoever opens their home for the potluck, the public area that we’re using (clean up!), and the people around us, and 4) HAVE FUN.

Please bring your recipe or an ingredient list with your dish. We’ll have utensils and other items handy just in case.

Whatever anyone brings will be appreciated. If you are tired/poor/busy/etc. It’ll be okay if you come without bringing something, but it’s not a potluck if no one brings food! So we strongly urge you to bring a dish. If you’re not sure how much to bring, imagine that you’re making food to feed a dish to eight friends. If you bring more, that’s wonderful, but this should be a good guideline. Ready-made vegan food is available from Earth Fare and is always welcome if you run out of time to cook. Look for the part of the tag that says “Vegan” in the deli section, bakery, and on the hot bar. When terribly in doubt, fruit is always welcome and appreciated and beautiful.


This Month’s Theme
“Jewish Cuisine” covers a wide range of ideas and ingredients. It’s easy to make just about anything vegan! Here are some links to help you get started if you’ve having trouble feeling inspired:


Whatever you might bring to share, don’t be constrained (or discouraged) by a prompt. Anything vegan is wonderful. Have fun!

Our potlucks have been a wonderful, energizing treat. Come join us again for good food and good company, and we’ll have an even better time! Vegans AND non-vegans are invited, but we ask that all dishes be vegan. If you’re super-busy and can’t cook something in time, we still want to see you! Earth Fare sells some lovely prepared vegan foods. Otherwise, we look forward to trying your creations.

What about kids? Dogs? Guitars?
Bring a musical instrument and we’ll have a rhythm jam (we mean it)! Dogs are welcome, kids are welcome. Bring blankets for sitting on the grass, and water-guns for cooling off if it’s warm.

If you have any questions about the potluck, or want to bring something but don’t know the first thing about vegan cooking, please email us at  We look forward to meeting all of you!



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